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6 Dec 2011

This past Sunday I took the Hasselblad into the city to take some photographs of my friend Neal around the Lower East Side. I borrowed a pal’s extra A-12 film magazine, which meant that I could switch between color film (loaded in my camera) and black & white (loaded in the extra magazine) — fun times! Even more fun was shooting Neal, who was an incredibly good sport, hamming it up for the camera and dutifully following my instructions to “you know, just stand over there and don’t look at me.” It was just after two in the afternoon, and already the sun was so low in the sky — damn you, December! — but we got a couple of rolls in before heading to Schillers for an afternoon cup of coffee.

Below: Requisite GQ shot! Thanks, Neal.

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  1. David permalink
    7 Dec 2011 2:10 pm

    Attractive photogenic and attractive models are treasures. Make sure you handle this one with kid gloves.

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