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bad seed.

21 Nov 2011

Oh, film.

Sometimes you stare at a newly-processed roll of film and think to yourself, this is why people don’t bother with film anymore: it’s wildly unpredictable.   This was one such roll.  Between the Lomo and the fact that I was shooting with expired 400 speed film whose quality I hadn’t confirmed with a test roll on a more reliable camera, things were bound to go awry.  But this messy?  See the strange vertical light leaks?  Unclear what happened, though judging from the general underexposure, despite this being 400 speed film and everything shot at f/2.8, I’m going to guess that it’s mostly a film issue, that the emulsion is really more like 100 or 200 speed at best.  The Lomo, of course, is always a crapshoot, but until now it’s never been this wonky with the light leaks.  What madness.

I’ll end, though, with a shot of dear Dashiell, patiently chilling out while Mark and I had our monthly brunch at Maialino.

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  1. David permalink
    21 Nov 2011 7:21 pm

    Do you know how the film was stored? I got a batch of expired film that had been sitting on a shelf in direct sunlight for lord knows how long. It has the same lines. Then again, one never knows with a LCA, right?
    Either way, I am glad you stick with film.

  2. 21 Nov 2011 7:57 pm

    Those eggs look like I have some sort of mutant power.

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