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mike d is dead to me.

15 Nov 2011

Ok, not really.  Not in the slightest. (And not that Mike D.)  I love Mike D!  But when dear Mike decides to lay down on the grass in Prospect Park after a grueling afternoon of modeling for the test rolls for the new Hasselblad, what else to do but snap away?

To be sure, it’s much too bright for the black and white 400-speed film I had loaded in Dashiell, and so the exposure is a bit off, as is the desired eeriness.  But we hammed it up anyway — and when you’ve got a camera named in part after this guy, it only seemed right to inaugurate his tenure with a hard boiled crime scene of sorts.

At one point, though, I realized something was very much off: “Mike — I don’t think the dead die with their ankles crossed ever so elegantly.” Also, Mike swears that he isn’t smiling in these photos. “It’s my serious face! I swear!”

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  1. dunstan permalink
    15 Nov 2011 6:31 pm

    nice set. could be a new project in the making, hehe?

    • 16 Nov 2011 6:08 pm

      yeah, i’ve been trying to figure out if it should be an ongoing “mike is dead to me” series, or a “[different person each time] is dead to me” sort of project. either way, it’ll be pretty fun to do!

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