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what my dreams look like (sort of).

27 Oct 2011

I’ve been having exceptionally vivid dreams lately, most of which involve me travelling nearish (Texas) and far-ish (Sicily, Morocco, and I think … Gibraltar?).  In all of these dreams, I’ve got a camera with me, and I take *a lot* of photographs.  And, as I’m taking them, I think to myself, Wow.  These are going to be awesome.  And then I wake up, empty handed.  It’s always a bit disappointing, since both the experiences and the photographs seem so real, so palpable, so present.   

These photos, taken over the last 4 years or so, remind me of some of those dream images — the crazy colors, flickering lights, not quite discernible faces, out of focus fuzziness: wee, discrete glimpses into a world parallel to — or perhaps overlapping with —  my own.

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