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the trip.

10 Oct 2011

Two words: respiratory infection. 

Yup.  On the second day of my trip to Sweden, what I thought was maybe just a jetlag-prompted cold turned out to be a full-blown respiratory infection, complete with fever, chills, sweats, coughs, more coughs, and general discomfort and fogginess.  Also, between the infection and the jetlag (which never went away), I found myself enjoying the 4am offerings on Swedish television — mostly old American TV shows (Macgyver!) and newer British reality shows with Swedish subtitles.  It was a very, very surreal holiday.

 I’d planned to take the three hour ferry ride to Gotland for the second week of the vacation, but made a last minute decision to fly instead to London, and convalesce at the home of my friends Lupe and Al.   Between a great deal of bedrest and soothing vegan meals at their Clapton flat, and a couple of solo meals at St John Hotel and St John Bread & Wine (places I’ve been wanting to try for some time now), my health and spirits began to improve markedly. 

I did manage to take a dozen or so rolls of photographs on my trip, though as I look at them now, I feel like they were taken in a groggy, half-delirious state, with nothing quite properly in focus or with the correct exposure.  I’d meant to pack my Lomo in addition to the Leica, but in the end, in my packing haste, only the Leica came along for the ride — though the expired Fuji Superia 200 that I used for about half the trip managed to awash everything in that funny Lomo haze.   I’ll post more photos as the week and my health progress. 

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