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world photography day.

23 Aug 2011

So apparently last Friday, August 19, 2011, was World Photography Day.  Had I not been fitted with a walking boot earlier in the day — my stress fracture is getting worse, alas — I may have been more attentive to this fact, and accordingly would have taken an entire roll of film to celebrate the day.  As it was, I was a mostly-immobile mess, hobbling around and trying to get accustomed to the strangeness of a giant moonboot attached to my left leg. 

But here are three of the seven photos I took that day; all seven of the photos were taken at Epistrophy, a lovely wine bar slash cafe in Nolita, where C and I had decided to decamp to following a ridiculous buffalo wing lunch in midtown.   Eleanor the Leica was in fine form, as usual, and the Ektar blue tones found their way into just about everything.   I suspect that for the next little while, what with this boot and unhealed stress fracture and all, I’m going to be taking the majority of my photos from stable, non-mobile perches (read: barstools).   Bear with me — or, more optimistically, I hope you guys enjoy everything you see.

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