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22 Jun 2011

Sick at home today, which pretty much means that I’ll be oscillating between naps and Nesbø.  As there’s no food in the house, I might drag myself out into the wild long enough to find some soup. This is the sort of day I wish I lived much closer to Chinatown. A big bowl of noodle soup would do me right, right about now.

But, yes: this is my room.  Or at least the most photogenic part of it.  The Vespa poster was a gift from my friends Matt and Robin, a birthday present from 8 or 9 years ago.  They’d tracked down the vintage ad, back in pre-eBay days, and had framed it themselves; I love it dearly.   Then there are all the cameras — most of them are quite old and the film they use is no longer made, so they’re mostly decorative, as are the vintage Pepsi bottles (I’ve long preferred Pepsi over Coke, which infuriates just about everyone I know).   And I wouldn’t be a child of mid-90s indie and college rock without a Steve Keene painting, this one a housewarming gift from my friends Nancy and Rosten.

Let’s not get into the books, though, shall we? There’s just …. so many of them.   I can’t bear to part with them, even though many of them are from my dissertating years, which I’d mostly like to forget about.  (Aesthetic theory!  Oy.)   Though I’ll say this: yes, I’ve read them all.  No, I can’t remember half of what I’ve read.

There’s a great little story behind the Radio Citta Future poster, or at least how I got it: back in 2004, I was in Italy with Sasha for a friend’s wedding, which took place in this tiny town nestled high along the Sorrentine Peninsula.  After lazing about the town for a few days following the wedding, we made our way to Rome, where of course we did much wandering around ruins when we weren’t stuffing our faces with glorious Roman fare.  (Our first meal in town included a chickpea soup that I still think about every other week or so; it was extraordinary.)  One afternoon, we wandered past a bookstore with this odd, but quite fascinating, poster for some local radio station, featuring illustrations of Bjork and Pasolini as city maps, their faces crisscrossed with ‘streets’ and plazas — the City of Sound and Words.  I wanted a copy of the poster, or at least wanted a closer look, so we ducked into the store, hoping that maybe it had some extra ones for sale.  It took some time before the bookstore could locate its lone English-speaking employee, who told us that the poster in the window was the only one in the store, alas — BUT!, the radio station in question had its offices just around the corner, and maybe we’d have more luck there.

After a few lefts and a couple of rights, in and out of tiny little squares, and up one dusty flight of stairs in the late-June Italian heat, we found the main office of the station.  The guys in there were pretty amused — I don’t think they were expecting visitors, much less two random Americans inquiring about a poster they’d seen in a bookshop display.  But as luck would have it, they had smaller versions of the poster available, and would we like to have a couple?  For free?  Yes!  So we came back to the States with two posters, one of which we gave to our friend Malav.  I’ve long wondered what sort of radio station features both Bjork and Pasolini, but I bet it’s a pretty amazing one.

I’m a borderline hoarder, I suspect, but I only hoard the good stuff.

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  1. 23 Jun 2011 1:43 am

    I’ve just been looking through your flickr stream. I love your photographs. Can I do a post about you on my blog ?

  2. 28 Jun 2011 5:26 am

    I’ve seen that poster so many times and never realized it was a map. Wow. Life, right?

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