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7 Mar 2011

That’s what these photos remind me of, anyway: stills from Godard’s Alphaville.  (All we’re missing is Anna Karina flitting on by with her big eyes breaking down the fourth wall.)  Daniel, though, says that the second photo reminds him of old photos of New York City in the 1950s, which I can also see as well.   I love how black and white film almost always already dates a scene, placing it in a noirish past or mysterious future. 

In any event, this is what Brooklyn looks like, around the corner of St. Marks and Flatbush Avenue, just after 6pm in late February, on my way to James, the lovely restaurant in Prospect Heights that serves a great burger in a gorgeous space.  (More photos from that meal soon.)  I’m looking forward to the 6 o’clocks in May and June, with more light and longer shadows, and glasses of Gruner Veltliner al fresco.

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