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staycation: friday shenanigans.

21 Feb 2011

So this past Friday, Kathryn and I went to Jean Georges for lunch, which was pretty spectacular.  Hopefully I’ll have photos from that lunch, as well as from my gastronomic sojourns the previous two or three days, posted in the next few days.  After lunch, we headed south to Soho and the Lower East Side, where we first got caffeinated at Gimme Coffee and then lazed the afternoon away at ‘inoteca and Marshall Stack.  I made good use of the Leica and late afternoon light — such great blue tones in the shadows! — and Kathryn gamely agreed to be the main subject in my photographic endeavours.

Later, I met up with the Clandestino ladies for a working dinner in Chelsea, which, well, yes, devolved into, well, a non-working dinner complete with non-work-related messages (see below).  And then, following a failed attempt to get into the Christian Marclay show at Paula Cooper (there are lines, and there are 50-person lines that move at about a foot and a half every 15 minutes), EC and I ended up at the Post Office, a very new bar in south Williamsburg, where we noshed on excellent pulled pork and grilled cheese sandwiches (separate sandwiches!  not all in one sandwich) and sipped on mostly excellent whiskey. A pretty great Friday from beginning to end.

A word of advice, though: when in doubt, don’t order the young whiskey from Oregon.  Just …. don’t.


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