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staycation, day four.

17 Feb 2011

Tuesday: The last time I tried to go to M. Wells, it was on a Sunday around noon, and the line was about 20 people deep; we ended up going elsewhere, alas.  I vowed that I’d make it to the diner on my week off, when the weekend crowds would be at work.  Success!  Seafood cobbler heaven, along with a biscuit and apple butter, and a donut for good measure.  Stuffed, I headed back to Brooklyn on the G train, down to Park Slope, to drop off a few rolls of film for processing.   I spent the afternoon at Red Horse Cafe, on 12th and 6th avenue, working on a couple of essays that have been languishing on my computer for months now.  Read a little bit from Ranciere’s The Politics of Aesthetics.  Drank a couple of decaf americanos.  Later I came upon a tree whose shadow seemed to have a mind of its own.  It was a gloriously mellow afternoon.

Met up with Andrew in the evening for some pie at Pizza Roma, but sadly, none of the photos came out very well.  All for the best, I suppose, since the pizzas themselves were a bit underwhelming (and severely undercheesed — this, coming from someone who doesn’t really like a lot of cheese on my pies).  Also, at some point during the day, I worked on my wee decorating/curating project: filling my long wall with odds and ends of recent bits of inspiration and thought provocation.

Man, I seriously can’t believe it’s taken me this long to take real time off.  I really ought to do this more often.

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