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11 Feb 2011

[Theron, Playa del Rey, 1999]

I’ve posted this photo before, I’m sure, but it’s the closest thing I’ve got to capturing the kind of light that only comes from places with unobstructed views (read: anywhere without skyscrapers and narrow streets).  Living in the city makes getting this sort of light quite difficult.   I want to find ways to bring this kind of light into my photos more often, even if that light is nowhere near a beach or meadow.   I’ve taken this coming week off from work, and I’m hoping to roam around the outer edges of Brooklyn a bit to see what early mornings look like in Brighton Beach and beyond.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now — both a proper staycation, and a more focused photo project — but to be sure, I’ve gotten some inspiration from a couple of sources.  I’ve been absolutely obsessed with two Flickr photostreams recently, and looking through them, I’m convinced that much better light falls across Europe (well, Spain and Sweden, anyway).   These photographers’ works make me weep a little on the inside:

Salva Lopez – digital, yes, but such wonderfully composed shots of an everyday, mostly unpopulated, Spain.  (Though there are some great portraits too.)  Such a wonderful stillness.
Lars Wastfelt – also well-composed, but somehow also with an incredibly informal, impromptu air.  And my goodness, his children!  And the light in Sweden is, dare I say, just magical. 

Anyhow, composition and light and feeling to aspire to.  Let’s see what happens this coming week.

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