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the timewarp.

9 Feb 2011

Mark and I had dinner the other night at Breuckelen, a newish New American spot over in Cobble Hill.  The dinner was pretty good, though I think Vinegar Hill House does a better job with the whole New American/local ingredients thing, and in a warmer, more inviting space.  (Though the trek to Vinegar Hill itself keeps me away during these colder wintry nights.)  And, despite being only one of I think four tables on a mostly empty Monday night, we had particularly slow, mostly absent service. 

My only point in this post, however, is really twofold: one, we had amuses bouches (see above), which strikes me as a particularly fussy, un-Brooklyn like sort of thing to have, especially at a restaurant called, er, Breuckelen.  Secondly, I was amused to discover, upon getting the roll back from the lab, that the photo of said amuses bouches makes the entire dinner look at least a decade and a half older than it really was.  Something about the suppleness of the glass of white wine (a very good Gruner, for what its worth), and the amuses bouches in their Asian soup spoons, and the way the light is hitting the table: it’s like this is a photograph of an entirely different restaurant, probably somewhere in west Los Angeles, that was all the rage back in the mid-90s, both known and ridiculed for its small, precious portions of fusion cuisine. 

To be sure, this is more the fault of the way the photo turned out, and not at all what I think the restaurant was going for.  But every time I see this photo I start giggling, and am immediately transported back to my college years, when I’d come home to LA for the holidays and my parents would take me out to the hot new restaurants that looked pretty much like this.

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