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weekend lights.

1 Feb 2011

It may speak to how un-seeing I’ve been recently, but I didn’t even realize how limited I’d allowed myself to be during these winter months in terms of really noticing the wealth of interesting plays of light in interior spaces around me.  I mean, yes, I try to take photographs in whatever available light there is, but I don’t think I’ve been really thinking about that light, how it shapes a room and the objects within it.  Or at least I haven’t been consciously thinking about this for a while; I think I’ve been on cruise control for a few months now. 

Or maybe the light just scatters differently in the badlands of North Brooklyn?   Either way, the Leica and I had a blast this weekend: new neighborhoods, new bars, lots of fun new eats.   Even my scrambled eggs with salsa and smoked salmon glowed in the middle Brooklyn winter light.  (And, as an aside, I have to confess that I’ve only recently figured out how to make proper scrambled eggs.  Low low heat!  Patience!  A splash of milk!  It’s shocking that it’s taken me this long, but I’m pleased to have finally figured this out.  You’re all welcome to come over and try them some time.)  The Ektar 100 — my 2011 film of choice so far — is proving incredibly versatile and flexible, capturing pretty decent detail in low light without losing a lot of fine grain, and allowing colors to pop so wonderfully in daytime natural light.

Also, a cat!  Hello, Lefty.

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  1. 1 Feb 2011 2:29 pm

    This is lovely. I like what you say about light shaping the room. I need to think about this more often, too. Happy February!

  2. 2 Feb 2011 1:06 am

    Such gorgeous pix… and them colors do pop nice!!!

  3. shannon permalink
    4 Feb 2011 6:20 pm

    i love the photo taken through the window screen — it posted particularly well!

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