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when in soho.

21 Jan 2011

1.  Avoid Broadway and Prince Street at all costs, unless you need to use the restrooms at the Apple Store.  Or unless you’re on a mom-requested mission to get fancy tinned sardines from Dean and Deluca.  (What?  Some of us have moms like that.)
2.  Find a roundabout way to get to the APC store on Mercer just south of Prince.  If they’re having their annual sale, sort through their stock and see what deals you might be able to find.  If it’s regular old nowhere-near-a-holiday time, just sigh a lot.
3.  Break your vow about avoiding Prince Street long enough to cross it to get to Lure Fishbar, so you can get away from the madding crowd and sit at the bar.  Order a glass of wine and a plate of their chicken lollipops.  They are excellent.  If you’re still hungry, or want something more substantial, order the Lure burger deluxe.  It is the closest thing you’ll get to an In-n-Out burger on the east coast (paying, of course, NYC prices.  But still!  Glorious.)
4.  Curse the fact that you’re in Soho for no good reason, and decide that since you’re already here, and despite the fact that you’re stuffed from all that Lure goodness, you need to stop into Grandaisy Bakery, on Sullivan Street just south of Spring, so you can get your not-often-enough fill of their awesome room temperature slices of pizza.  Get a pomodoro slice and a patate slice (ask for corner slices; they’re the best, and the folks behind the counter are usually obliging).  Consider getting a sandwich, since they’re almost uniformly outstanding (the PMB — pancetta, mango, and basil — is extraordinary), but really, all you need is the pizza and the Sunday paper, and you’re pretty much set.  Except for the part where you’re in Soho, and you need to find a way out that doesn’t involve being on Broadway or Prince Street. 
5.   Accept the fact that maybe you’re just a hapless, fully indoctrinated member of the bourgeoisie, and enjoy your pizza anyway.

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