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winter slumberland.

27 Dec 2010

Well, the Great Blizzard of Late 2010 descended upon us last night.  I spent the first few hours of it holed up at a cafe near my house, then ventured into the city to meet up with my old friend Matt (aka Kitty — long story), where from our perch at Marshall Stack, then Lil Frankie’s, and finally DBA, we watched the city slowly shut down.  I love how quiet everything gets, and I love waking up in the morning to the sounds of …. absolutely nothing, as the absence of working snow plows meant that my street was completely car-free. 

It’s still very quiet now, but that’s mostly because I decided, perhaps foolishly, to be a productive worker bee and make the trek to my midtown office, where I think there are maybe ten people around.   I don’t think I’ve ever seen midtown this unpopulated, this still.  I want to derive some sort of pleasure from this, but it’s hard when, well, you’re in midtown.  At work.  When you probably didn’t have to be. 

Ah well.  Everyone else: enjoy your snow day!

[Photos taken in January 2009, on an Amtrak train from Connecticut back to NYC]

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