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22 Dec 2010

Nuts.  This week: absolutely bonkers.  All I can do to keep sane at work, as I get buried under ever increasing piles of paperwork, is to make plans for evening meals with friends.  Tuesday night I met up with Donny to check out Cocoron, the new soba place near the corner of Allen and Delancey.  And it was lovely!  For starters we tried some hijiki and steamed chicken meatballs covered in sticky rice.  (Yes!)  Up next: two steaming bowls of exceptionally warming soba, mine with pork and scallions and Donny’s with a variety of veggies and sprouts.  The salty sweet broth hit all necessary spots on a chilly night, and helped to calm me down after a long day at work.  We lingered a while afterwards, watching the chefs work on their tamago technique — and even got to sample a bit of their handiwork. 

Christmas is just around the corner, though I can barely tell this year with all of my time in the office.  I’ve planned proper meals for the rest of the week, though, and I’m hoping that those will get me in the right mood for Saturday.  Or at least a non-frenzied mood.   End of the year work insanity has also left me feeling a bit uninspired, photography-wise, and so I’m hoping the good eats will coax the camera eye back into action.

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