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16 Dec 2010

Stomach flu really does a number on one’s ability to think straight.  While I’m stuck with this, and also waiting for some film to come back from the lab (pushing 800 speed film to 1600!  On a sunny day, no less!  Insane!), I thought I’d post some of my favorites from the archives.  Each photograph — here, and always — tells a story, but together here in this post, I’m not only reminded of the discrete moments, but am also awed by how much I’ve seen, how lucky I’ve been to have experienced so many places, relationships, foods — so many moments of happiness, all rolled into a lifetime-so-far. (Like I said: stomach flu, non-straight-thinking.)

[From the top: Matt, Philly, December 2009; Cafe Pedlar, May 2009; Boerum Hill, fall 2008; outside Flemington, NJ, late summer 2009; Boerum Hill, Election Day, 2008 (my polling place!); Berlin, February 2009]

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