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gallery saturday outtakes.

8 Dec 2010

A few more photographs from our gallery outing this past Saturday, including our visit to Abelardo Moreli’s camera obscura photo exhibit at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery and Daniel’s before-noon steak tartare order at Trestle on Tenth.  On a different note, I need to get a haircut.

One more photo: the night before, JT and I went to Mile End for a Hanukkah feast of cholent, chopped liver, borscht, latkes, and smoked meat sandwiches.  I was so overwhelmed by the meal that all of my photographs came out incredibly blurry, except for one: the poutine + smoked meat dish that the couple next to us were diving into.  (I’ve had the poutine before, sans meat, and it’s tremendous.)  Happy food coma Hanukkah!


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  1. Daniel permalink
    8 Dec 2010 4:25 am

    Love the action blur on the cutlery. Looks good enough to fork.

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