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my brief foray into darkrooms.

27 Nov 2010

Back in the spring of 1998, while I was doing masters work in sociology at The New School, I decided to take a continuing ed course in basic darkroom skills.  Almost 13 years later, I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I don’t remember a single thing I learned way back when, but take a look at these prints — I did good, no?   And these days, as I scan my own negatives into the computer, I’m realizing with painful clarity (and painfully limited finances) that the best scanning and post-processing work can’t hold a candle to what you can do in a darkroom.  Some people dream about one day having a place with a backyard.  Me, I alternate between the perfect kitchen and a darkroom of my very own.

Top: Coney Island, Winter 1997-98.   Above: 14th Street, NYC, Autumn 1997.
Below: Theron, Scarborough, January 1997.

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