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pizza, imminent.

17 Oct 2010

Today: New Haven.  Tomorrow: Heartburn.  Yup, we’re heading up to New Haven today, three able-stomached eaters and potentially four full-pie pizza joints.  Last time I was in New Haven, we went to Frank Pepe’s, where we had the rather underwhelming pie pictured above.  I’m hoping that that was a strange anomaly (anomalously strange?  Try saying anomalously a couple of times.  Sounds weird, right?!), for Frank Pepe’s is supposed to be the standard bearer for New Haven-style pies.  (For more on that, read here.)  We’re also heading to Sally’s, probably Modern Apizza, and either Bar or Zuppardi’s.  I’m certain I won’t be touching pizza for a little while after this, but no matter: it’s a lovely fall day, and we’ll have a blast, I’m sure.

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