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4 Oct 2010

Nancy and I met eons ago in college.  Other than during our undergraduate life, we’ve lived in the same town for a grand total of 18 months.  (Is that right?  Crikey, that can’t be right!)   She’s now out in San Francisco, and has an awesome Velo Orange bike named Pascale, a name that I love, partly because I was nearly baptised Marie-Pascale before my mother decided on the lovely, but a bit more conventional, Marie-Claire.  (Nobody calls me by this, which I’m convinced is because at heart I’m really a Marie-Pascale.)

Anyhow, I’d like to say something like Nancy!  Come back!  Because, you know, I miss her.  But I sort of know that she and SF are a good fit, and it wouldn’t be nearly as fun riding Pascale here in the city.  So I’ll just say this: Nancy!  Remember last summer when you visited and we ate all that fried chicken at Momofuku and then we went to Marshall Stack and drank very slowly because we were so full?  Let’s do that again!

[Nancy, from top: Swarthmore 1995, Swarthmore 1996, Lower East Side 2009]

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