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2 Oct 2010

My upcoming trip to Pittsburgh reminded me of the last time I was in a non-Philadelphia part of Pennsylvania.  Back in November 2008, on the last weekend before the presidential election, Daniel and I clambered aboard a bus in the wee hours in the morning and traveled down to Doylestown as part of the Obama campaign’s (nearly-)eleventh hour effort to sway the Bucks County vote.  Along with two other volunteers, Troy and Robert, we drove around designated parts of town, knocked on doors, and reminded people to vote that Tuesday.  At one point we were even trailed and interviewed by a French TV crew.

During our down time between neighborhoods, I took a few photos on my Nikon loaded with expired Ektachrome 64.  (That bottom photo was taken just shortly after the very top photo of the pink leaves, except severely underexposed; cool, eh?)  And after I adjusted the aperture and shutter settings for him, Daniel fiddled around with the manual focus and managed to snap a photo of yours truly.  By the time we got back to the city that night, we were exhausted but hopeful.  And sure enough, on Tuesday night, Bucks County went to Obama.

The current political quagmire aside, those first few days of November were pretty exhilarating.  I suspect the upcoming midterm elections will be just as electrifying, though perhaps for less than ideal reasons.  Let’s just focus for now on the pretty pictures, shall we?

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