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20 Sep 2010

Only one food shot in this bunch, but trust me, it was a great weekend for good eats.  Dinner on Friday at Perilla (duck meatballs! yes!), followed by a lovely brunch for one at the Clinton Street outpost of Cafe Pedlar, and drinks with Shannon at the Marshall Stack.  The 7pm walk down to the local yielded a couple of nice, dusky shots.  The photos from Sunday are having uploading issues, but until I can get them on here, I’ll just say this: biscuits and gravy.  And maybe also this: 7 lbs of greenmarket tomatoes, slow roasting for three and a half hours and filling my apartment with a deep, sweet, warm, sublimely … tomato-ey scent.  And! fresh, homemade pasta, my very first attempt.   Success, all around.

And yes: despite my best intentions and a fairly strong will to avoid, I somehow succumbed and became that person: you know, the one who, in having a solitary brunch, still manages to clutter her table with an iphone, a hulking 35mm camera, and — this is the part that kills me a little bit — the New Yorker.  I resisted that magazine for so long!  And now …. why yes, I do live in Boerum Hill!  How did you guess?

Update: here you go – the rest of my eats.

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