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the car around the corner.

17 Sep 2010

On my way to the subway nearly every morning, I see this hulking monstrosity of green.  It’s always parked either down my block, or just around the corner, and I’ve long wondered who owns it.   For one thing, it’s in pretty amazing condition; this is clearly someone’s baby.  And for another thing, this is a most unnatural shade of green — I noticed the color long before I noticed the fact of the car itself.  Someone must really believe in this car, to be seen driving around enveloped in the equivalent of a peppermint candy foil wrapper.   (Then again, it looks like Ford Granadas have had color issues across the board.)

I took this photo on my way to work some time last week; it had rained a wee bit the night before.  I’m hoping one day I’ll see someone opening the door of the car to get in, or even better, the car actually out and about.  I’m really curious as to what kind of music emanates from a car like this.

(Oh, and thanks to flickr contact slowbicycler for identifying the make of the car.  Everyone ought to check out his flickr page — it’s pretty incredible.)

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  1. danielburr permalink
    21 Sep 2010 4:28 am

    This car is rad. It makes me think that a cop show is being filmed on the street every time I see it.

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