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near the local.

15 Sep 2010

My local bar — which is my regular watering hole even though it’s not even in my borough — doesn’t open until 7pm on most nights.  This lumber spot is not too far down the street from the bar, but looking at how vivid the light is in the photo, I’m guessing it was nowhere near drinking time when I took this.  It was taken with a Holga 135 — Holga’s 35mm model — which Daniel gave me as a gift a few years ago, but which he’s been using quite a bit more than I have recently.  Holgas are such unpredictable little machines (Wiki refers to them as having “low fidelity aesthetics,” which, well … ok, Wiki) : oftentimes you’ll get something almost there, but not quite.  Then there are moments like this, where the mid-afternoon light, film, and peculiar Holga optics come together quite harmoniously.  The saturation here sometimes just takes my breath away, and that’s the magical and infuriating thing about Holgas: I have no idea how (or when) that kind of perfect confluence even works.

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  1. 19 Sep 2010 6:11 pm

    I am shocked I have never seen this image. It’s painterly yet captures something really primal about that space/area.

  2. 7 Jun 2022 7:28 am

    Thank you ffor this

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