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my favorite photograph, ever.

4 Sep 2010

Yup.  This is it.  Taken 8 years ago with NoName the Nikon, out in San Francisco.  This is my baby brother, carrying my red vintage suitcase to his *very* collegiate apartment over in the Richmond.  He’d just graduated from college — art school, in fact; or rather, architecture school within the art school — and I was sticking around for a few days after graduation, after our parents had taken their proud photos and left town.  I look back on a lot of the photos I took around this time, and wish in hindsight that I’d never started giving a shit about what sorts of film I was using, what sort of grain I had to take into consideration, and all of that.  I think there was a very sweet-spot sort of moment when I just had a camera, with whatever film loaded up inside of it, and just snapped away.  I’d have to double check, but I’m pretty sure this is just your standard issue Kodak Gold 200, purchased from a random drugstore, without a second thought.  It’s just so simple, this photo, and yet there are still all of these random little things that still get to me: the leaves scattered on the ground, but weirdly only in the foreground; my brother’s then (and now) very upright gait; the solidity of color and tone; and maybe, just at the end of the day, the way that my just-graduated baby brother lugged my suitcase with such lovely panache.

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